We love challenges and thrive on finding fresh visual ideas and new sensory experiences at the same time looking for timeless beauty.

brnz is an interdisciplinary architectural studio

We focus on making projects that are at the intersection of visual disciplines and evoke a new sensual and emotional experience in a person. At the heart of all our projects is an in-depth study of the subject and immersion in the design context.

Founders Betta Bereslavskaya and Daria Nuzhnaya come from multicultural backgrounds: Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Tatar, Jewish and Peruvian. Their diverse heritage informs their way of addressing the complexity of challenges and design goals, presented by the modern world.
The brnz design approach combines the founders' architectural background and love of minimalism, and their passion for contemporary art, cinema and theatre.
Interior Design
Exhibition Design
Landscape Design
Art Advisory
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Procurement
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