Film Museum

Work scope:
1000 sq.m.

Concept design

Moscow, Russian Federation

The concept of the film museum was developed together with its curators

On the ground floor, we placed an interactive exposition, and on the second floor — the workshop area.

The visitor arrives through the entrance area with a ticket office, souvenir and book shops, a media library, and an interactive installation.

We offered two options for the layout of the entrance area. In the first one, the visitor arrives through the main entrance of the building and passes through a corridor before entering the museum; in the second we proposed direct access to the museum by restoring the historical street entrance.

In the media library on the ground floor, the visitor can explore the studio archive — watch videos, films, and interviews with filmmakers and film stars.

The exhibition space on the first floor consists of a series of installations that engage the viewer in the story of the Studios' films. The story is told chronologically and it unfolds sequentially in the elongated space of the museum.


When brainstorming the ideas for the exhibition, we got interested in the cinematic phenomenon — when street scenes are inside a pavilion. We began to think about how to create a natural landscape indoors and found that many contemporary artists explore this theme.

The main idea of ​​the interactive exposition on the second floor is to teach the audience (including children) the basics of how cinema is made and to introduce them to the essence of film professions.

The area of classrooms is divided into sections: sound, color correction, editing, and special effects. The walls between them are transparent — this emphasizes the importance of the interconnected work of different departments in the film industry.

In the cinema pavilion, the visitor can try out a variety of roles — as actor, director, etc.

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