Jewelry Shop

Work scope:
80 sq.m.

Design, Architectural Supervision, FF&E

Hong Kong

Markin is a jewelry brand that was founded in 2010

The brand’s owners commissioned the design of the interior of a new store in Hong Kong and supervision of its implementation. The room with high ceilings — a typical Hong Kong pencil case — was divided into two floors: a storage space with a terrace on the first floor and a jewelers' workshop on the second.


The Markin brand was inspired by the everyday world: engineering works, ordinary objects, biomechanics, and nature. The creative thought of the brand is expressed in unusual combinations of materials, metals, and precious stones.

It was decided to create the interior using contrasting materials — different types of marble and metal were used incorporating colors and shades of gold and silver. They were juxtaposed against the background of rough cement walls with graffiti and black carpentry elements.


We invited street artist to paint on the walls as we wanted to emphasize the connection of the brand within the city. A large mural on the terrace is visible from different points on the street. Once a year, the mural is updated by a new artist, and the event becomes an occasion to gather partners from different countries and introduce new friends.