Qatar Quest. Polunin-Richter-Kvataniya

Work scope:
180 sq.m.

Design Concept

Design Concept
MMOMA, Moscow, Russian Federation

Commissioned by the State of Qatar, the exhibition at MMOMA is dedicated to the unique collaboration of three artists — Polunin, Richter, and Kvataniya, which resulted in a work of art, a moving image "The Frames".

Filmed over four days in November 2018 in the coastal desert near Doha, "The Frames" metaphorically tells the story of an ordinary person in their existential quest for authenticity and inner freedom.

The exhibition "Qatar Quest. Polunin-Richter-Kvataniya" was dedicated to the three artists who collaborated on the project: internationally renowned dancer Sergei Polunin, young classical composer Kirill Richter, short film and music video director Lado Kvataniya.


The two halls on the ground floor and a segment of the corridor between them were allocated to the exhibition. We proposed a small movie theatre in one of the two halls and to use the second for the exhibition.

The Arabian desert landscapes were the main source of inspiration for the artwork. They acted as a universal metaphysical environment — a dual symbol of earthly loneliness and cosmic unity. Therefore, we focused on the idea of the sand dunes and created a single space in which the zones of the protagonists would be located, flowing into each other.

The visitor could interactively explore the space, delving into the experience of its creators. At the exhibition, each of the three co-authors would be represented by his personal zone, a strange imaginary interior filled with personally significant objects, images, and documents, including stage props and backstage shots, biographical materials, and associative artifacts. These spatial "mood-boards" provide clues for understanding the film’s origins, decipher its poetic language and meaning, and magnify important details.

We would like to evoke in the visitor a sense of the irrationality of a dream, the past, fragments of memories. The sound installation would enhance the sensation of being caught in a dream. The viewer would seem to be entering an abandoned space, a workshop, or maybe an office, which was once full of people, but over time became covered with sand.