Pop-up Summer Terrace

Work scope:
262 sq.m.

Design, Landscape Design, Architectural Supervision


Our team was asked to create a pop-up terrace for a private event

The client specified that while there will be few guests, the zoning of the terrace should have a VIP area, general meeting areas and areas for socialization and networking, as well as a general spectators' area, where they can watch an air show.


The client’s brief gave us the idea of creating a curvilinear garden, with cozy intimate zones flowing into each other. We decided against regularity in favor of a fluid, spatial solution. We wanted to create the mood of a flowering summer garden, immersed in plantings and greenery.

Plants were placed in curvilinear tubs, which also served as partitions for different zones. This solution allowed us to create isolated spaces for different purposes.

In the central area we designed a bar — an open zone for networking, where guests order drinks and socialize.

The front areas — long spacious benches — were intended for guests who plan to watch the air show.

We used a material palette of desaturated colors to create the backdrop for the garden. Gray decking, plaster and fabrics make the flowering plants and greenery stand out.


An important part of the project was working with plants. The garden was divided into upper, middle and lower tiers. The upper tier of the garden was comprised of trees and shrubs. Umbrella-shaped trees were compact, but created the necessary volume.

The middle and lower tiers were formed from large arrangements of flowering perennials — wormwood, lavender, sage. The trees resembled olive trees and in combination with flowering perennials (lavender, sage) created a mediterranean atmosphere.

The color scheme of the garden was gray-green and lilac-purple in combination with yellow-green accents of the lady’s mantle plants and grass. Box topiaries added structure without disturbing the natural and soft style of the landscape.

During the construction of the terrace, perennials were selected in nurseries depending on the season and availability of plants.

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